Wednesday, December 22, 2021 asks  have you tried lunchclub

idea youth 100000 lunchclub -please connect (universityofstars.,com) if interested in shaping this

example Miss S became a teen age rap star to travel from her home afghanistan to study in US and be a leader of musicians for refugees

at Ms X has introduced global humming - you dont have to be a great singer or linguist to participate in digital celebrations of young musicians cheering up every community on earth

MS Ac started a school for coding at age of 20 and its now one of the 4 major coding schools in the developing world

all we need know is another 99997 young leaders and an algorithm which matches them with being the first sustainability generation`capable of advancing the 50 year legacy of 1 billiongirls - see for over 30 of the happiest and most productive Collaborations on SDG planet

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