Wednesday, December 22, 2021 asks  have you tried lunchclub

idea youth 100000 lunchclub -please connect (universityofstars.,com) if interested in shaping this

example Miss S became a teen age rap star to travel from her home afghanistan to study in US and be a leader of musicians for refugees

at Ms X has introduced global humming - you dont have to be a great singer or linguist to participate in digital celebrations of young musicians cheering up every community on earth

MS Ac started a school for coding at age of 20 and its now one of the 4 major coding schools in the developing world

all we need know is another 99997 young leaders and an algorithm which matches them with being the first sustainability generation`capable of advancing the 50 year legacy of 1 billiongirls - see for over 30 of the happiest and most productive Collaborations on SDG planet

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

 Aishwaraya Kalro  fintech &

Leslie Grant entertianment an dpodcast

indian lady sent linkedin reques

Giorgina King

tyler davidson seattle

Would you like to meet someone like Evan Chen?

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Evan is passionate about helping founders build great companies india paytm femnale startup hustler

Would you like to meet someone like Shubham Jain?

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Shubham is a Strategy Consultant and Investor in the financial services space, at Mastercard. He loves talking about interesting alternative investment ideas. He is super hungry to discuss at length random business ideas, to either partner with entrepreneurs or help them with funding or connections.

Would you like to meet someone like Galit Lev-Ran?

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Galit is The CEO at JustDo, Inc. a startup for Collaborative Project Portfolio Management. She is a peoples person with passion for great tools that help productivity and business goals.

Would you like to meet someone like Maria Seredina?

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Maria is Head of New Ventures at Side, a Series-D real estate tech startup, and Venture Advisor at MetaPropVC - a proptech-focused seed fund. Prior to Side, she ran the cash buyer marketplace at HomeLight, and Corp Dev at Zillow Group.

Would you like to meet someone like Cindy Mihalova?

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Cindy is the CIO of Ligo Partners, a multi-family office located in Miami, FL that invests in tech.

brian gillies singapore  hermida ines

Would you like to meet someone like Ins Hermida?

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Inés is an entrepreneur and consultant, former founder of Macacha first UK plant protein brand. She is the former Head of Health & Wellness at Whole Foods UK.

Would you like to meet someone like Rachel Fisher?

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Rachel is a serial Edtech entrepreneur. She sold her 1st company, has been an angel investor, and now she’s building HelloPLATO, a learning platform based on WhatsApp to reach the 2/3 of kids in the world with no internet at home.