Monday, January 31, 2022

 Would you like to meet someone like Christopher Mendez?

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Chris is a Marine Corps veteran turned lawyer and GC/CCO of a LA-based global macro and real estate-focused asset management firm. He serves on the board of two non-profits - Volunteers of Legal Service and LunaCap Foundation. He enjoys meeting new people and making connections.

How well do you know Nick Jankel?

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Nick Jankel is a Chief Innovation Officer at Futuremakers. Nick studied at University Of Cambridge and Ucl. Previously Co-founder and Chairperson at Futuremakers Innovating Regenerative Business

Would you like to meet someone like Imane Sanhaji?

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Imane is a VP of Corporate Development at Credit Suisse in New York. She loves meeting new people and exchanging about new developments in the Financial Services industry

Would you like to meet someone like Jennifer Dyck-Sprout?

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Jennifer advises and invests in startups in the "future of learning" and "future of work" spaces. For fun, she loves documentary filmmaking, writing, cycling, exploring, coffee, learning, and new experiences.

Would you like to meet someone like Hannah Stern?

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Hannah works in strategic communications at Bevel, a consulting based in Soho and Santa Monica. She manages communications for 5+ VC-backed Fintech and consumer tech companies. Previous experiences working in editorial production at NBC News Today Show.

Would you like to meet someone like Priya Ahluwalia?

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Priya is a true entrepreneur at heart. She serves as the COO for PlateRate (food tech startup), CEO for Linguiyo (an Ed-Tech startup), Director of Operations for CPIC Global (international real estate firm), and is also a language professor. She loves to travel, try new wines, and talk about space exploration.

Would you like to meet someone like Divya Agarwal?

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Divya is on a mission to understand what motivates people to behave, think, and move in the way they do. She is currently affiliated with McKinsey Academy, an innovative learning digital platform and suite of experiential and digital skill-building offerings at organizational scale, having led its early stage product and client development.

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