Friday, September 28, 2018

updates dec 2020 from latest searches at and -it seems entirely possible that india may have blon it? how's that - missed the boat to digitally ending poverty as celebrating youth as sd generation- let's hope note - we still believe arvard popularised what sociretal data could be applied even if the idea has lost action - we also hope that tata's 400k digital wizards and their second hq in ny shared with cornell may yet leap forward as the post covid races begin glasgow u nov 6 2021 - TO STUDENT UNIONS IN UNIS THAT VALUE YOUTH LIVELIHOODS & SDGS
hi - if you see something you like either just use it to start discussions on how your livelihoods linkin the sustainability generation or whats app chat with us (usa) 240 316 8157
we invite student union clubs to use our materials , co-blog them

-vote for world record jobs creators -if you could know first waht one person suggest you learn who would it be - why does the world have millions of different teachers of sustainability -when both teachers and students could have some common starting points with cases provided by WRJC like-
1 Jack Ma?  #BR0 
1 Sir Fazle Abed? #BR2 
Nilekani Chief Designer of India's Billion Person Identity #BR2 

Elon Musk
Moon Jae-In
Xi Jinping who has done most to inspire our mapping of 13 regions world social trade zones ( -unlike some american first ;poliuticians we see these maps as reversing 500 yeras of colnisatuion- something mainly the Bruts did to south and eastern asia and which as Scots friends from Adam Smith onwards have been trying to return to a happy and epaceful world where girls havce a geeat chance of life whever they are born #BR6 N America 
From g5 age on we eblieve that over 80% of livelihooda are colabirative - eg no one country can green the world- solutions need replicating across all communities; and this can nly hapen with a sea chnage in education (first storied in 1984) through which everyone can be a lifelong tecaher as well as lufelong stdent- we see no eartly ;point in G5 or any of the other investment in 4000 times Moore coms tech 2030 versus 1946 unless life and planet critical information is shared by smart media apps and happiny inquistive girls and boys where there teachers wil have as much to relearn as any teenager leading sustainability goals

Pope Francis
Prince Charles
The Quadir Brothers
Jerry Yang at Silicon Valley or Ted Leonsis In DC or the founder of Softbank Japan
Blecher family- founders of Free University and Maharishi Institute S Africa

by 13 regions which corerspnd to sharing the worlds Belt Caostlines and cinteuntal grids - see eg our UNwomens linkedin
#BR0 China, #BR2 S Asia, #BR1 Mynamar & Asean, #BR11 Arctic Circle, #BR9 Africa #BR8 med refugee sea nations #BR7 Mid East #BR5 w.europe  #BR10 LatinAM #BR6 N America #BR3 Russia #BR4 E.Europe BR12=BRUN

here are some extracts from recent UNwoemns linkedin briefings
UN celebrates sdg mission impossible last 12 class years to 2030 . Good news: some economists started asking sustainability goals' digitally accelerating collaboration quiz at time of moon landing. First nation that Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries reported from was south africa in 1968 -if you need a missing survey and love other peoples nations - my family can try to help or join a co-blog celebrating those who unite nations in celebrating youth livelihoods eg Bravo #BR5 Class 13
here are some of the rest of the ERworldwide timeline as it emerged through annual updates
surveys pre moon landing .1962 Consider Japan:: 1967 Japan Rising part 2.1 :: Changing Russia - Survey led by Norman Macrae The Mustard Seed The Economist. Saturday, 1 June 1963.Pages 16,17. Vol 207, issue 6249. :: The Eco 25 Sept 1965 vol 216 issue 6370:The Economist. Saturday, 25 September 1965. Page 3. Vol 216, issue 6370. No Christ on The Andes - What's Gone Wrong? (ie before anyone other than yoko ono would imagine dreaming of 4000 times moore connectivity
first Entrepreneurial Revolution surveys pre-personal computing age 72 the NEXT 40 YEARS :: 1977 survey China :: Asian Pacific Century 1975-2075 1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution
second wave of ER surveys as it was clear that pcs would lead both to worlkdwide web and fall of berlin wall during the 1980s 1982 We're All Intrapreneurial Now 82 why not silicon valley for all

book and survey on education as the last frontier of human sustainability:
30 abuses in 30 years - some crossroads