Thursday, February 16, 2017

hubs and supercities

hubs were new to us in london when we started researching the good hub guide in 2004
some of the history below
today our view is 2 kinds of hubs need twinning across cities so that we can linkin the greatest #learninggeneration

permission "needs" hubs- deep in a community - often a youth after hours space that schooling system doesnt offer

the hubs with the greatest coders

we first started publishing the good hub guide in 2007 -our model was a bit like the consumers association good food guide - we wanted potential customers to report how collaborative hubs really were - the difference was -we didnt know then and dont know now - whether most economic hubs are virtual or real- it also seems that it depends how many you aim to collaboratively scale . For example if you can afford to plant 100000 like Mhammad Yunus achieved with TheGrameenBank in Bangladesh then you start with real places - the poorest villages in the world to be your social labs- then you invite all the most massively resourced technologists to come visit and linkin to solving one of human sustainability's biggest challenges

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