Wednesday, December 23, 2015

once nydev announces its millennial initiative, i wonder how fast Brooklyns and Ameriuca's leading civil rights college MEC could propose a collaboration atlas of 500 organisations most inviting teachers and students to linkin to sustainability community solutions -new york should set itself the sustainability millennials friendship goal of always having 100 feature in the overall top 500 atlas

The Collaboration Cafe by Marriah Star we who piloted open space of social business in 2008  would like to work out a win-win with the bronx perhaps lehman but according to dean rolles recommendations; i note that johns baltimore friend emmanuel aims to talk to clinton uni about some of johns apps; we need to linkin to conversations with clinton uni because they land at berkeley blum in early april which is usa's other main epicentre of projects compatible with latino/franciscan way; i am aware that dean rolle and our main latino connector in chile will be progressing ideas this weekend

perhaps most urgent of all is the submap of brooklyn, baltimore and san diego needed so that la maestra is understood to be usa's number 1 living curriculum of community building - a former first lady of south africa once called dhaka the open university of microcredit; at least in the 21st us context wherever la maestra links in its the benchmark for all sustainable community banking - trust king is briefing eel on this early in 2016

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