Saturday, September 30, 1972

zasheem and mostofa - please tell me is there is any reason why you cant edit all papers yunus ever gave you for journal of social business into one pdf with some title front cover  =eg all time yunus collection from adam smith scholar journal of social business -optionally you could include my fathers last 2 articles ever which explained in 2008 that big banking had killed off western youth best endeavors for at least a decade (but i leave that to you to choose)

if thats available as of send it to ying
explain this is the published stories if she wants to question them but we also have 20 hours of student interview of yunus which we can either share with her or get most answers to what he did between 1974 and 2011

you can also mention zasheem helped scale last  thing yunus did to get royal approval ie the nursing school before almost all yunus stuff in bangladesh was too dangerous for new partners - you can also add line that zasheem as editor of journal of social business knows almost all european partners of yunus who are still doing anything with him as well as microcreditsummit coordinators as he did a special issue of all time best for queen sofias summit- paris being the one space that could be argued to be useful even though it has cost his paris partners 20 to 100 fold more than not ever being involved with him (and in cases like HEC everything since they are could have been leading sustainability curricula by now but arent even a contender)

since we already have all these papers - we can then ask ying if she wants all time most important papers of sir fazle which i still feel i havent seen in one place but expect are in red's library somewhere and should be one of the gifts lady abeds school of english gives to every english scholar (and cotranslated into chinese)

its these 2 publications that need to be given to gordon brown and lord stern at warp speed to help sir danny alexander and prince charles- if this is not done before xmas we miss timeline of sir danny alexander trying to get luxembourg to turn corner from world least sustainable investment place to something a bit better, and we can say goodbye to ever again being anywhere near the digital cooperation alumni group of melinda and jack and guterres or unhabitat ceo's (former mayor of penang) 50 places to lead sustainable youths 2020

once these publications are on lord st\ern desk- you ask sarah butler sloss to get him over to prince charles pace to ;put together all time green collection of bbc and charles and ashden- way ahead of tokyo olympics where prince charles will r\emain favorite european as first one to recognise japan in 1964

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