Friday, December 31, 1971

at we explore the question - whose knowhow could be most valuable to build a university around if millennaisl are to be teh sustainability generation
we are working oin some people eg fazle abed uni , von neumabb uni - as well as help on tehse maps we welcome nominations from oether sides of tehw orld than thjos we have expereinced

taking the example we have thoiugh about most over teh last 14 yeras fazle abed we find it helps map if we clarify 3 lists
his premeir league of supportes who at his death in dec 2019 had helped him ebcome epicentre of worlds number 1 ngo and civils society partnerships anchored by colaboratively scaling soklutions to primary sdgs1-5 as well as questioning what chnages next eg climate ; whether vilage women nation building can amplily middle clkass women citizen building (the stage bangalesh asims to get to 2020-50 from 70% rural to 505) - here is our current premier elague who have we left out

his forst division eg american university barcelona global university michingan innoculation leauretes ...
the greenwash league who however accidentally do implementing abed knwohow harm whebnever their guru leads them to opposite firections - so accdientally the clintons became a dil,urer of abed studies becasue theri guru dr yunus had a very diferent role to play ; the omidyar foudners of ebay did a lot of accidental harm in sponsoring 100 million dolars ersearch out of bostonn on ghow to ipo microfimaces; the bbc editors of ssustainability gaols knowledgte went the wrong way in say ing bangaldesh systems harmed poorest... (as you can imagine great care i8s needed in understanding this league; indeed tyhe fact that it dilutes being a most trisueted diciple of the abed futures does not mean that it may be a bridge to some other networks futures - thgere is a valid question - if usa is to value all lives matter and safe/happy communiti8es to blossom all across teh usa is it abed's knowhow or some other deep poverty fighters knowhow that is foundational